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Monthly Prayer Diary



Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5 :16





















Pray about the tragic situations of millions of children and young people living in poverty in this country, who have poor health, reduced opportunities to succeed at school and are vulnerable in many other ways. Please pray for those affected by this.

Give praise to our Creator God, for the wonderful variety and beauty of each area of the UK: mountains, lakes, hills, valleys, rivers and plains, wetlands, forests, cliff­ tops and beaches. Please grant wisdom to those who work to protect and develop our countryside.

Pray for refugees and others who have had to flee from their homes to find safety, liberty and peace. Please provide for their material, social, emotional and spiritual

needs and give them hope for the future.

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Gratefully remember those who died in the service of their country during two world wars and in many conflicts since.

Pray for Clive Hughes as he speaks to us today and for those attending the tea time event. 

Anti-Bullying Week is from November 11th to the 15th and is intended to raise awareness of bullying among children, especially in schools. Pray for the victims but also for the bullies.

Pray for the 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK who provide care worth

an estimated £57 billion to £100 billion per year. Please strengthen and encourage them

in this often demanding, stressful and isolated role

WORLD KINDNESS DAY. Pray for thousands of individuals, families, schools, workplaces, churches and other communities across the world to

counteract the loneliness, fear and indifference in so many situations with kind words and actions.

Pray for everyone working in medicine and healthcare, alleviating the symptoms and suffering of those with physical, mental and emotional disorders and illnesses.

Pray for the Castledens as they move house today.

Pray for those service men and women who are away from their families.

Pray for a Christian starting a one-year prison sentence in the infamous Evin Prison in Iran for refusing to renounce Christ. Pray for the many imprisoned in Iran, for their safety & well-being.

Pray for Kathleen Moolman who is providing free English lessons to International people living in Tiverton. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with them during their time together. 

Pray for the Tearfund Quiz taking part across the country. 

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Pray for the service today and for Mike Miller who is coming to speak to us for the first time.

Pray also for those unable to get to church today.

Pray for the home groups as they meet; for a blessed time together. 


Every 24 seconds someone is killed on a road. More than 1.3 million people die on the world’s roads every year. Road crashes are the leading cause of death for young people aged 5–29.  Pray for those who work to stop road deaths and injuries; support people bereaved or seriously injured in road crashes; and campaign for safe and healthy mobility for all.


Join today with students, staff, families and friends across Europe to pray for God’s blessing on our schools. Pray that peace,

wisdom and love become increasingly evident in all our learning communities.

House of Glory is a shelter for teenage girls and their babies who have been victims of domestic violence resulting in pregnancy. Girls come into the home as young as 13 years of age, pregnant from rape or incest, and suffering family breakdown in a culture of poverty, drug abuse and crime.  Pray for their healing, both emotional and spiritual and for wisdom for the staff as they meet the needs of these mothers and their babies.

There are around 83,000 prisoners in England and Wales. Pray for those who have committed offenses that led them to be imprisoned, but also pray for their families who have been left behind and for those working in this difficult environment; the prison wardens, the prison officers and for those who volunteer their time to minister to the prisoners.  

Pray for those who attend Ignite – that the children will see the love of God and know His presence. Pray for the volunteers of Ignite, that they will be shining lights for the children.

Pray for our government as they lead up to the general election on the 12th December. Pray for our nation and for a new Parliament whose members can find workable solutions and a way ahead in our relationship with the EU. 

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Pray for the service today and for Mark Castleden who will be teaching us.

Pray for the Bible Society who ask us to pray that the followers of Jesus everywhere will grow in knowledge and love of God and for the protection of the Bible Society staff around the world, many who work in difficult and even oppressive situations.

White Ribbon Day held on November 25th is an annual day to raise awareness of family violence. Pray for all those who are subjected to domestic violence, not just women, but remember that men are victims too as well as children.

Also pray for our leadership team who are meeting tonight.

Pray for a good response in using the prayer request cards in our church and community.    The best gift anyone can give to another is to pray for him or her. Praying for another person not only helps that person find God in the midst of trouble, but also helps us recognise the blessings that God gives us daily!

Pray for the Ladies meeting; for all who attend and for those who are unable to get to the meeting.

Pray for Mervyn and Sheila to be a blessing to all in the singalong.   


Be grateful for the harvest each year and give thanks to all who work to produce our food. Please grant strategic wisdom to those in government and in the fishing and farming industries, both to provide what is needed to feed people and to

preserve and protect the rural environment.

Continue to pray for the mums in our community; for the First Friends mums and Ignite mums, who are struggling with day to day life. 

Pray for Rachel Webber and the other street pastors who are out in Tiverton tonight.  Pray for safety but also for opportunities to share the gospel with those they come into contact with. 

Pray also for the prayer pastors who give their time to pray for Tiverton and for the situations that occur in the town. 



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