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Sundays 10.30 - 12pm 


We believe that children are a gift from God, valuable and made in His image.  We believe that God loves them, that He wants a relationship with them, and that they are never too young to begin that relationship.  We also believe that God has a purpose for each individual child’s life, and that it is in a relationship with Him that they begin to discover that purpose.

At King Street Chapel, we have a creche and junior church available for youngsters.   Here, the children participate in their own  service and learning is encouraged through games, activities and crafts designed to reinforce the lessons.  

We regard it as important for parents to receive God's word, and so we encourage parents to stay for the main teaching but please feel free to join your child in junior church.  

The prime responsibility for discipling children is in the hands of parents. How children see their caregivers live out their faith often speaks much louder than Sunday bible stories.  Kids need to know that God is real and that He loves them, and one way they do is when their parents live for Him.  



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